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Historiskt stickeri Termo Original



Termo Original has its roots in the innovative Swedish textiles industry. With a history dating back to the 1920s, we can safely say that we know our field. At a time when many of our competitors chose to relocate their production offshore, we decided to make the most of the level of education, instinct for quality and inventiveness here in Sweden. Looking back, we are proud to say that it was the right decision. Termo has won frequent plaudits from the press and industry for its innovative quality solutions. The future rests with functional fabric from Termo which we will use to continue to develop the company into your market-leading supplier.



Functional textiles are now an advanced science. Termo is the result of many years of research and development. Termo - Perfect Comfort! Every year, we commit significant resources to research. We work closely with professional users and the highly-regarded Swedish research company, Swerea/IVF. Our recommendations on grade and use are based on extensive research. In 2010, further tests were carried out in partnership with the Swedish research company, Swerea / IVF.

THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES WERE TESTED: Heat insulation, heat insulation in relation to material thickness, vapour permeability, vapour permeability in relation to material thickness, relationship between heat insulation and vapour permeability, moisture absorption and moisture absorption in relation to material weight. All grades have also undergone field tests, as part of which the users have been asked for their personal opinion on heat insulation and wicking from a comfort perspective. The results speak for themselves. Today, there are many thousands of satisfied users of Termo Original throughout around the world.


Termo Original